Green Consulting

Phoenix Consulting works with Owners, Design Teams and Contractors to strategize, plan, and implement a project’s sustainability goals in becoming a green project. The necessary methodologies and business realities are often under represented during this process. We bring a straight forward and level-headed approach to creating a sustainable project, focusing on the economics, cost-benefits and liabilities inherent to the green building process. Our LEED™ accredited professionals offer the understanding of the LEED™ certification programs and sustainable design practices, coupled with experience in the construction and development of green projects.

The first step to any sustainable building project is to determine the objectives and goals of the LEED™ project. This planning is crucial to identify the necessary methodologies and financial realities that any green building requires. A strong strategy created up-front allows for the project to obtain the highest level of certification with the most cost effective and innovative technologies. Our LEED™ accredited professionals bring their experience to this process, offering sensible approaches while still maintaining the project’s goals. We will assist your team in the planning process, creating the strategy and evaluating the feasibility of the proposed project components based upon your goals and budget.

The latest green technologies and systems may appear exciting and beneficial, but are they? Everyone has jumped on the green bandwagon and is touting their products as offering the best in sustainable design. The reality may be very different, both in form and function. Sometimes even the best products do not bring your project the benefits worth their cost. Due to changes in building trends and technology as well as government mandates revolving around the use of GREEN technologies it is important to be able to analyze and establish which GREEN products actually benefit the projects and are cost effective. We will assist your team in determining the value a particular product or technology contributes to the project. Our LEED accredited professionals will provide a cost-benefit analysis based upon the project’s budget, revenue forecast and life-cycle. We will also identify the liabilities inherent to these products and technologies.