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Litigation Support

Phoenix Consulting Associates’ network of construction industry professionals assists you and your legal team by providing litigation support services. Our consultants conduct the research into the issues at hand and provide the expert documentation necessary to support your case. Our experts will also assist in mediation preparation and providing trial experienced expert witness testimony to facilitate your client’s needs.

Our experience in all aspects of construction including design, project management, document review, construction and final close-out brings you the best and most knowledgeable professionals in their respective fields. Through this network of consultants we can assemble and manage the team of experts necessary to support your case, thus providing your clients access to the best the industry has to offer. Our consultants are trial proven and confident their expert witness testimony will support your litigation helping to give you and your client the best tools for achieving a positive result at trial.

Our claim support consultants will assist you in quantifying your financial exposure in a claim by determining causation. This determination is achieved through drawing and document analysis as well as onsite investigation and photo documentation. Our expert reports will identify the individual components contributing to your claim, allowing you to assign responsibility to the involved parties.

Our experts will identify construction deficiencies related to code violations, material defects, design errors and omission, and improper construction installation. We will analyze plans, construction contract documents, submittals and the physical construction to find discrepancies between the contract documents and the actual work in place. We will provide a thorough written expert report including necessary independent laboratory testing, photo documentation and referenced substantiation. Our analysis will also include any laboratory test necessary to identify if individual building components are defective or improperly assembled according to construction practice and standards.